Perfectune Engineering is dedicated to providing the ultimate precision engineering service. Engineering excellence, innovation and design flair is instilled within all aspects of the business, from prototyping and design, through to project management and manufacturing.


Prototyping, Design & New Product Engineering

New products are designed and developed constantly and demand for high quality prototypes is becoming even greater. Perfectune Engineering’s expertise in product design has led to the development of a strong design team, that is capable of building professional & high quality prototypes and products.


Manufacturing & Production

Advanced CNC manufacturing techniques have earned the company a reputation as an efficient and reliable source for a large range of components. From process design and production layout to a supply chain management that delivers materials on a “just-in time” basis at competitive costs.


Project Management & Fulfillment

Project management begins with a knowledgeable account manager who guides your project from quote through to delivery. All account managers have worked in the field, and bring a hands-on experience to work for you.


Other Services We Provide

Extensive tool room facilities, Light assembly operations, Robotic Welding, Contract Work, CNC Tube Bending, Process Design Development, Production MIG TIG welding, Complex Machining Processes

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Perfectune Engineering’s workshop facilities and machining centers are among the largest in the country and include premium brands that are trusted and highly dependable within the industry, such as Makino, Hitachi, Matsuura, Enshu and HAAS.


Horizontal Machining Centers

Makino-A55 2 MAKINO A55
  • Twin pallet high speed horizontal machining centers
  • Work cube 560 x 560 x 600mm, up to 20,000RPM
  • CNC controlled feeding 4th axis
hitachi-HC400 2 HITACHI HC400
  • Twin pallet horizontal machining centers
  • Work cube 500 x 500 x 600mm
  • CNC controlled 1° indexing 4th axis

Vertical Machining Centers

Matsuura MC 1000 1 Matsura MC 1000V
  • Vertical machining center
  • Fitted with CNC controlled 4th axis
  • 800 x 1000 x 710
Hitachi Seiki VA55 1 Hitachi Seiki VA55
  • Twin pallet high speed vertical machining center
  • Work cube 1050 x 550 x 550mm
Hitachi Seiki VA45 1 Hitachi Seiki VA45
  • Twin pallet high speed vertical machining center
  • Work cube 1250 x 400 x 450mm, up to 6000RPM
  • Fitted with CNC controlled 4th axis
Enshu EV450 1 ENSHU EV450
  • Vertical machining center
  • Work cube 400 x 400 x 400, up to 10,000RPM
  • Fitted with CNC controlled 4th axis
Haas MDC 500 1 HAAS MDC-500
  • Twin pallet high speed vertical machining center
  • Work cube 400 x 400 x 400, up to 10,000RPM
  • 2 x CNC controlled feeding 4th axis

CNC Lathes

Miyano 7 axis lathe 2 MIYANO 7 axis CNC lathe
  • Mill turn machine
  • Max bar feed dia 51mm
mori seiki 1 MORI SEIKI SL-1A
  • CNC lathe max bar feed dia 32mm
  • Max swing dia 150mm x 315mm BC
wasino-lj 1 WASINO LJ-103M
  • CNC mill turn machine
  • Max swing dia 430 x 960mm BC, spindle bore 65mm dia
  • 3 axial & 3 radial powered spindles on turret
Puma 300MS 1 PUMA 300 MS
  • CNC mill turn lathe max bar feed dia 101mm
  • Max swing dia 600mm x 700mm BC
puma 250b 1 PUMA 250B
  • CNC lathe max bar feed dia 77mm
  • Max swing dia 400mm x 650mm BC
puma 240l 1 PUMA 240L
  • CNC lathe max bar feed dia 76mm
  • Max swing dia 420mm x 650mm BC

CMM & Metrology

mitutoyo 1 MITUTOYO V231
  • Precision Inspection Machine
avery hardness tester AVERY HARDNESS TESTER
  • Hardness testing
  • Surface measurement with printout of surface quality
Quality Accreditations

Perfectune Engineering is totally committed to providing zero defects and zero late deliveries at competitive pricing, with a focus and commitment to consistently meet and exceed every customer’s expectations through continuous improvement.

Perfectune Engineering’s quality policy is more than a statement, it’s an attitude, the company’s highly skilled workforce stands behind this statement everyday in an effort to deliver the highest quality service and product possible.

Quality is at the core of the business and the policy of putting the customer first is built on a foundation of providing the highest levels of quality and service. This is achieved by absolute conformance to all specifications, constant process improvements and a robust training program to enhance employee skill levels.

  • Holder of ISO 9001: 2008, accredited since 4th of July 2003 and approved by DQS Certification.
  • Six-month audits are completed to ensure our processes are up to date to ensure 100% client satisfaction
  • Advanced measurement capabilities including vertical CMM